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can i keep my fuchsias for next year.

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I have had quite a few different fuchsia plants over the years and some have been superb for years whereas the odd time a plant has died.

I do know that you will need to cut the bush/es back before winter, once all the flowering is complete. I live in the south of the country and it is reasonably mild here. Good luck with your fuchias.

18 Aug, 2011


If they are hardy ones they should survive if planted fairly deeply in the ground. In pots you would have to ensure that the soil doesn't freeze. Take cuttings now to be on the safe side. They are not quite as easy to root as Spring ones but worth having a go - use hormone rooting powder. If they are just the more tender summer bedding ones you can again take cuttings to overwinter under glass - you should keep them just ticking over, not go completely dormant. If you are not sure whether they are hardy or not the British Fuchsia Society website has a list of hardy ones you can check against if you still have the labels.

Just noticed Seaburngirl has said pretty much the same thing where you asked the same question twice!

18 Aug, 2011


Hi Ken where are you I am in Scotland and no way will I leave my fuchsias outdoors .

For now they are still blooming but will take them into the greenhouse before the 1st frost.

Then let them shed their leaves then prune back and wash the roots then down size pots.

Some shall take into my conservatory for the winter rest I shall wrap in newspaper put in a box and store in loft.

I have heard you can bury in a deep trench too.

Good luck.

23 Sep, 2011

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