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Hi,I quite like Persicaria and was thinking about it for a difficult place, which this plant would like but, as a member of the knotweed family, does it go wild and can you get rid of it if necessary?



I have two named varieties that are both well behaved, one is firetail with red flowers the other is red dragon with bronze leaves and deep pink flowers. I have them in a shady border near to a beech tree and they perform well for me. If you do go for them they are relatively easy to pull out. I have propagated them easily this way for the last couple of years. shortish flowering season however.

14 Feb, 2009


I have Red dragon. It clumps, it doesn't go wild. I agree, a well behaved plant.


14 Feb, 2009


Thanks, that is reassuring.

14 Feb, 2009


Hi I grow persicaria firetail and it soon develops into a really strong plant and spreads, I am thinking of replacing some of the clumps with Monarda. he strange thing is that the persicaria seems to attract wasps by the dozen.....has anyone else had this problem??

15 Feb, 2009


Don't know if that is peculiar to P. firetail Andrea. I've certainly never noticed it with Red dragon and, being allergic to wasp stings I think I would.


15 Feb, 2009


snap john, allergic to wasps and no Andrea I dont get wasps attracted to my firetail. my firetail doesnt spread much sadly.

15 Feb, 2009


I have some nice Monarda. Used to call that Bee Balm as a kid and it does attract bees.

Think I might give the Persicaria a go. I have a place by my pond that needs a pretty resilient plant because the dogs tend to break most plants planted there on their way for a drink.Think that would cope.

15 Feb, 2009


Dont know how well they like the wet, both mine are in drish spots. the dogs will probably help propagate it for you :-) whenthey trample the stems in the soil.

well worth a go tho weedpatch.

16 Feb, 2009

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