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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Hi, I have two questions:

1) Will the rosemary in picture 1 need repotting in the Spring? (The rosemary has grown so big since I bought it in the Spring.)

2) The yellow bush rose in picture 2 (Buff Beauty) has flowered prolifically (spelling?), but since the last few flowers died, no more buds have appeared, and no signs of new growth. Has it finished for this year?

N.B. The rose bush is sighted on the Sunny side of my flat which gets Sun for a few hours each day (when it is Sunny).

Much appreciated


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Yes and yes, I would say. They both look really healthy, Alex.

21 Aug, 2011


Thank you. I do keep them well fed. I have an elderly neighbour who is always after some of the rosemary. She says it is the best she has tasted when used on her meat.

My plants, especially the ones on display at the front always get well looked after to keep them looking at their best.

Neighbours and even strangers are commenting on my garden, as the whole things including the back is open with a road running along side it round the estate.

21 Aug, 2011


Unless you are planning on planting the Rosemary in the ground at some point I would not recommend repotting, it will simply get too big. Instead keep the top pruned.

21 Aug, 2011


O.K, then thanks MG.

21 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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