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Hi, hydrangea adviceI am worried that my hydrangea has died


By Alextb

London, England Eng

Hi, hydrangea advice

I am worried that my hydrangea has died. The pictures below show why I am worried. A previosu hydragea in the same position died there, but no weedkillers have been applied.

The hydrangea also doesn;t appear to have rooted, as when I knocked it, it fell over and the shape of the root area is the same as the pot it in from thr GC.

Now the flowers have died it does also look a lot smaller.

I have also noticed white spots shown in the full view picture.

Will it survive the winter like that or is it already well and truly dead?


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I'm sorry to say it looks dead to me. Try scratching a bit of woody stem and if there is no green showing.....

21 Aug, 2011


O.K, thank you. I have just done the scratch test on sepearte parts of the plants and bothwere brown underneat also.

I will have to buy another next year as one of my neighbours loved it, and so did I.

My local GC had a couple reduced last time I went there, so I may have a look and see if I can snap one up.

21 Aug, 2011


Alex not only is your hydrangea dead it looks as if it has been sadly neglected and under watered. Did you actually plant it in the ground? If so did you so the pot with the hydrangea in in a bucket of water and then tease out the roots before plants. Even more importantly did you actually keep it watered as the soil looks as dry as dust!

21 Aug, 2011


The hydrangea has been in this state for a few weeks, but I just thought it was dying down, before being told that it should still be alive.

The plant was kept watered whilst alive whilst actually in the ground, and that spot eventhough as dry as dust had heavy rain soak it yesterday.

I will admit that it looks as if I forgot to tease the roots out.

Just one question now that I hae found a healthy looking one, pictured above. Can cuttings be taken from hydrangeas?

21 Aug, 2011


For some reaosn it will not upload the picture the right way round. it has uploaded how the camera took it and not as it should do after being rotated.

21 Aug, 2011


Alex, I notice that you have a healthy lavender there and I suspect as I think Moon growe does, that your hydrangea will not thrive in such a spot. Lavender likes very free draining dry conditions, Hydrangea's do not, have you got another place for it ?

21 Aug, 2011


I can move it to a different position. The plant has not yet been removed from it's pot. It is sitting on top of the hole left by the old one.

21 Aug, 2011


Then I would definitely move somewhere with more humus in the soil, and keep well watered until late autumn but do not feed.

21 Aug, 2011


Thank you MG.

21 Aug, 2011

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