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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have bought a hydrangea to replace an old one that died.

Can cuttings be taken from hydrangeas? If so, when is the best time?

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You can take cuttings in august or september, take 4-6" cuttings of non flowering shoots, put them in a 50/50 mix of peat and sand, or a proprietary cutting compost, and ideally put in a propagator with a bottom heat of 55- 61 deg f {although they can be rooted in a cold frame}
when they,re rooted, pot them up into 31/2" pots and overwinter them in a cold frame, in april or may next year, plant them out in a nursery bed, grow on until planting them out in the autumn. derekm

21 Aug, 2011


Yes you can grow from cuttings. You can do it now. Take them from a non-flowering stem, if there is one.

21 Aug, 2011


Thank you Derek and Ojibway.

21 Aug, 2011


Given this is a new small hydrangea you might want to wait until next year before you take any cuttings and allow the shrub to establish itself.

21 Aug, 2011


Oh right, thanks for the info MG.

21 Aug, 2011

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