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I would like to keep chickens in my fairly small veg garden, are they likely to earth up veg, so will I need to keep them in a run



Yes, The short answer is that if you like eating it, then they like eating it. We have a fence round our Veg patch but it does not stop them. They have to be in a run once the veg season is underway.
They also love dust bathing in seed beds!

15 Feb, 2009


Have a look at Iklediggas page, she has a small holding and she may be able to advise you.

15 Feb, 2009


I do not have a small holding, but I have been keeping hens for over 40 years on and off. What more is there to say, other than what I already said? They will dig up, eat and dust bathe in your veg patch.

15 Feb, 2009

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