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Save my Fuchsia.I have this super pot of Fuchsia which I want to save for the same show next year. Should I cut it right back ?(after flowering) wrap it up ? put it in the greenhouse? Please advise me as its been a great show.




Is it a hardy species or not? In any case you can take cuttings now from non-flowering stems ( if you can find any on this plant!) and give them their start in greenhouse. Beautiful plant

23 Aug, 2011


Even if your fuchsias are hardy ones (and they certainly don't all look like they could be), fuchsias are vulnerable to frost through the roots when in containers. Best to remove to a frost free environment over winter - water only when you see the plants wilting, and then very sparingly, you want the plants to rest during the cold season. In spring, increase light levels and watering/feeding to start them into growth again.

23 Aug, 2011


Thankyou both, I have read a certain Fuchsia changes colour during flowering, is this true and which one is it?

24 Aug, 2011


Not something I know about, where'd you hear that?

24 Aug, 2011


"MY WIFE" read this on the web and I contested her. She is searching the web for the site she read it on. She said ask them on your GOY site ,they will know

24 Aug, 2011


Ha ha, well clearly, I don't, never heard that before, sounds like nonsense to me, but I'm willing to be proved utterly wrong, I'm intrigued.

24 Aug, 2011

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