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Can I plant shop bought Garlic?


By Jacque

Norfolk UK, United Kingdom Gb

The everyday Garlic we buy from Supermarkets is great, im thinking of planting sum as mine in fredge has shoots! Does it flower?

On plant Allium



I wouldn't recommend planting the shop bought garlic as it is not the seed garlic and will taste bitter. Garlic needs to be planted in January or October and will thrive on the cold spell to get it going. I get my garlic bulbs or sets from the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm by mail order (when I move there in July, I'll be able to go and get it myself!!! yummmmm). Most of the Britsh Isles Garlic is produced on the IOW. It will flower and the flowers look like Alliums as the garlic is part of the Allium (onion) family, however when the green leaves start to brown off that is when the bulbs are ready to lift and dry on top of the soil like an onion. If you are growing it for the bulbs to eat use the seed garlic, if you just want the flowers than use the shop bought stuff, I've never planted it but it might work. Have a look on google images for garlic flowers, but here is the link to the Isle of Wight Garlic Farm

26 Mar, 2008


Thanx Andrearichter
the informations been a great help Think il just grow the garlic in fridge 4 flowers &get the seeds 4 oct :) MMmmmm cant wait

26 Mar, 2008


Last year I let garlic go to seed and you will get a nice round purple flower and they make good dry flowers for decorations

26 Mar, 2008


Wow a Round Purple Flower , Is it also true if its planted near Roses it stops Green fly?

26 Mar, 2008


If you want the big purple pom-pom flowers then plant Elephant Garlic for the best results.
I found this on Google Images

Long link but this wreath would be a great alternative to the usual Christmas decorations. The large purple ball like flowers are the Elephant Garlic and they are great to dry as Janette says.

26 Mar, 2008


Hi Jacque. Have a look at this site

It will tell you everything you need to know about garlic. I have been to the garlic festival many times when I used to live on the IOW and they do almost anything with it. Garlic beer and garlic ice cream, not for the feint hearted though and definitely an aquired taste. The seed garlic won't be available yet as it is out of season for planting, you will have to wait until October. They do sell Elephant Garlic bulbs, check out the site, it is fantastic

27 Mar, 2008

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