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Hi,Can anyone tell me the name of this that's growing in my garden please?


By Andib

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me the name of this that's growing in my garden please?
ps, the first photos has uploaded sideways..., thanks for looking :)

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Cotinus Coggygria...or Smoke bush. I have a picture on my profile of one in flower.

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks so much. It's such a beautiful shrub/bush.

24 Aug, 2011


Hello, if you have cotinus and they have grown to big, then this is one shrub that responds well to renovation pruning, i normally renovate cotinus in the spring and lots of new growth will be put out, so if the growth is sparse at the base then you can bring it back to its former glory.

24 Aug, 2011


Julien, it gives you a much better plant with bigger foliage if you prune hard. Less flower ( smoke ) though.

24 Aug, 2011


Innitially yes, but given a couple of years you will reap the rewards with plenty of flowers.

24 Aug, 2011


Thanks, now that I know what it is and that I won't kill it by cutting it back I will cut it right down!! We have lived here for almost 2 years now so I've tried to leave the garden alone to see what we've got. I have a number of shrubs/plants in the front garden that just looked so overgrown, eg a buddleia that is almost a tree lol. I'm off to find out if I can take a cutting of this now too :)
Thanks again, loving this site as I'm a total novice but really getting into my garden now

25 Aug, 2011


You can cut buddleia back drastically too - I do it in early spring just before it starts to grow. Might not be the right time for the experts but its always worked well up to now.

25 Aug, 2011


As steragram says prune the budleija in the spring, and for propagating purposes i have always been succesfull taking hard wood cuttings in oct/nov, take pencil cuttings aprox 10/15 inches, very easy to take, dont forget best renovate the cotinus in the spring.

26 Aug, 2011

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