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i got this tree out of a skip. Trimmed dead leaves etc, repotted it withfresh soil. I just havnt got any idea what it is. Any ideas? Thankyou in advance.




Going by the foliage, it looks a bit like a photinia - it's a shrub but that plant there has been forced/trained into a standard, i'd return it to its natural state and let it become a proper and natural bushy shape - if it was me !

Also, take those pink lantern things off the branches because they'll do the plants stems no good at all.

25 Aug, 2011


It could be a Photinia that's not seen any sun - new growth on these should start out red though, so if the bronzy looking new leaves visible here weren't red when they first started growing, it's not Photinia. I can't tell if there's a graft point at the top of the standard stem, where the topgrowth begins - if there is, don't cut down beyond it, retain as a standard.

25 Aug, 2011


Looks like a Photinia, well done for rescuing it! I,m sure its far happier in your pot than a skip! They do get quite big so you might want to think about planting it in the garden in the future....?

25 Aug, 2011


Thankyou all for your answers, I didn't realise the lanterns would harm it so they have come off, also got the biggest pot to replant it cuz we trying to move house n didnt want to leave it behind if it becomes to established. I certainly intend to take as many plants as i. can from my garden. Thanks again for telling me the name, will google it now x

25 Aug, 2011


I was thinking that it was a Coppertone Loquat.

25 Aug, 2011

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