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I have bought a Hosta Great Expectations which has completely cream leaves. On Wikipedia there are 27 photographs of Hosta Great Expectations but none with completely cream leaves.
Are there any specific growing instructions for this plant ?



Prefers neutral to slightly acidic soil conditions (so not alkaline) in moist but well drained soil in shade - tolerates some sun if kept damp enough at the roots, but requires a very sheltered spot out of cold winds. Protection from slug attack essential, particularly during early spring when growth begins.

25 Aug, 2011


Hard to see how it would survive with completely cream-colored leaves! Is there still a narrow band of green around the outside, Diane?

25 Aug, 2011


Thank you Bamboo and Tug. Yes, when I checked again it does have a narrow band of light green around the edges of the leaves. Have printed up the advice and will keep in my plastic file in the greenhouse. (I live in an upstairs flat.) I have it on my new Container Garden downstairs, so will move into a shadier spot.

26 Aug, 2011


An extreme form, then! If that green doesn't turn a deeper hue in the shade, you might want to make sure that it is getting enough fertilizer, and maybe give it just a smidge of Epsom salts if it is. That narrow band of green is what keeps the whole plant alive!

26 Aug, 2011

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