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By Maggy7

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Im wondering if my Acidanthus is ever going to flower ?? it looks very healthy lots of green leaf but no sign of a flower bud! can anyone advise?



Acidanthera? Out of 15 I planted way back I have 6 buds just beginning to show now. Like yours, plenty of healthy leaf growth. I have hopes for them yet because they are late flowering and the buds are 'sneaky' only breaking out of their sheaths at last minute, it seems.

25 Aug, 2011


Mine are nowhere near flowering :-((

26 Aug, 2011


Thank you I was wondering if it has something to do with the very cool summer we have had!! Ill be patient and if they dont I will lift and try to store them try again next year.

26 Aug, 2011


They can be left in the ground.
These like sunbaked, well drained soil and if you're giving them that they could stay put through the winter - mine always do.

26 Aug, 2011


Oh Louise maybe where you are but in the North East I think I will lose them!! it did say on the packet to lift and store over winter.

26 Aug, 2011


Ah, sorry for the misinformation Maggy, i see now you're in Cleveland.

26 Aug, 2011


Thats O.K. Louise I guessed you thought I was in the sunny south lol.
Oh and by the way I planted 50 yes optomistic I know but they were reduced so I though !! give em a go they do look unusual dont they I hope they flower.

26 Aug, 2011


I noticed some pot grown ones for sale, in a garden centre, in the week and just had to stop and smell them !!!
Gorgeous :-)

27 Aug, 2011


Well I give up now we will be getting frosts anytime now!!

19 Sep, 2011


Mine haven't done well !
Not grown up, so no flowers either !

20 Sep, 2011


I wonder why Louise? they looked so healthy as well !! maybe it didnt stay hot enough for long enough !! it has been a very cool summer here but friends in Lincolnshire on another forum have done well.

20 Sep, 2011


Don't know Maggy, they've all stayed at about 12-18", they're just stunted :-/

There's certainly not been the same amount of sunshine hours as we had last year - i think 'that' has affected a few things here :-(

21 Sep, 2011

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