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My hanging basket tomatoes have got loads of fruit and some are now going red but the foliage has wilted. Watering has been consistent and i increased it when the leaves drooped, but they are not responding. I don't know what to do! Never grown toms before. Can you help? sorry no photo.



I am commenting because I have the same problem this week....and want to follow the responses!

I have loads of small GREEN cherry tomatoes on my plants...none turning red yet though. I noticed the foliage on one basket plant had wilted and it did not respond to watering this week so I yanked it out. I was puzzled by that as it was perfectly ok a few days ago!

The foliage is so dense...what little sunlight there is can never reach the tomatoes. Do they actually need sunlight to ripen, I wonder? Anyway, I am going to pick some and stick them in a drawer with a ripe tomato...and see what happens!

Mine are Tumbling Toms incidentally.

26 Aug, 2011


It,s probably the weather we,ve been having, the plants think we,re further into autumn than we actually are, and are doing what they do and dieing off.derekm

26 Aug, 2011


Yes Izzy, I too have wondered whether toms need sun or heat. I'll do as you suggest but not yet as I'm still living in hope of SUN! Such an optimist!
Thanks Izzy and Derek. So I gather from what you say, Derek, that it is part of the process for leaves to die or at least deteriorate. Mine haven't shrivelled but they might decide to do that. They are hangingly limply a.nd look very forlorn. However, I'm delighted about having masses of toms esp as they were dead cheap from Tesco.

26 Aug, 2011


as lng as your plants don't have blight, the green toms should ripen even if the leaves are shrivelling. Some people remove most of the leaves late in the season in order to let more sun at the fruit.

27 Aug, 2011


Should you also remove the leaves on hanging basket trailing types too? I have not removed ANY foliage as someone told me these Tumbling Toms were different.

28 Aug, 2011

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