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Hi. I have just bought some penstemon red garnet 30mm plugs. The instructions say to pot them up into 9cm pots grow them on and plant them out when frost has finished. Does this mean over winter them in pots then plant out next spring. Thanks.



they are tiny so I would say yes it does. I have this one its very pretty.

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks Drc. They have been grown in a 30mm plug but are 15cm high

27 Aug, 2011


You should pinch out the tops to make them bush out. Have you potted them on?

27 Aug, 2011


Yes Spitzhenry should I plant them out later this year or wait till spring

27 Aug, 2011


Definitely wait - Penstemons need to be grown on into decent-sized plants before you plant them out, as they're not reliably hardy in a cold winter. 'Garnet' is one of the hardier ones, I find. :-)

Is there any growth on them that would make good cuttings? I take cuttings of all mine at this time of year - they root well in a jar of water.

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks Spritzhenry. Tops have already been pinched out so maybe not enough growth yet for cuttings

28 Aug, 2011


That's a shame. Never mind - get them through the winter, and you can increase your stock next year. :-))

28 Aug, 2011

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