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I am attempting to grow quiet a few cuttings of some of my plants. So far so good. They are in my unheated greenhouse at the moment. Where do I put them and what do I do with them in winter? I have also got some Verbena on the go that I've grown from seed, these are also doing well. Same question what do I do with them in winter . Thanks



It really depnds on what the cuttings are from. If they're from hardy shrubs or plants, then inside your greenhouse in severe weather, or in a sheltered corner with fleece over them should be fine. Fasten bubblewrap round the pots to protect the roots, too.

The Verbena - that's different. Again, it does depend on which one it is. Bedding Verbenas are tender, and are unlikely to survive really low temperatures even with fleece over them, while V. hastata, V. bonariensis or V. rigida 'should' be OK with fleece over them inside your greenhouse, and also bubblewrap round their pots to protect their roots. (No guarantees though - they're not reliably hardy plants, and even with protection, they might not make it if we get a really bad winter)

27 Aug, 2011


Hi Spritzhenry
The cuttings are from a a mix of hardy shrubs and perennials and my verbena is bonariensis so I will get some bubble wrap. Thanks for the reply.

27 Aug, 2011


Good luck with them. :-)

27 Aug, 2011

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