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My Apple tree has died and now my Rowan tree looks like it has died too. I have now noticed white circles on the trunk. Is something going on in my garden



Possibly, need more information. When you say the apple tree died, how long had you had it? And precisely what did it look like when it died? Did it put out leaves at all this year? Did it look as if someone had burnt it when it died, with orangey brown leaves and stems? Is the Rowan planted near the apple tree, or in a completely different part of the garden? And how long have you had the Rowan and does it have the same appearance as the dead apple tree?

27 Aug, 2011


Thanks for getting back to me. Well the Apple & Rown trees is at least 16years old as they was here when I moved in. The Apple tree didn't leaf or flower at all this spring and is now covered in a green mould/moss/lichen type growth. The trunk and branches are bone dry. The Rowan had loads of Red berries this year then suddenly I noticed that all the leaves had turned red/dry and falling off and now has white circles appearing on the trunk. The Rowan is about 20ft away from the Small Apple tree.

Hope you can help?


27 Aug, 2011


Whenyou say the leaves turned red/dry, does that mean they looked like they'd been burned, almost? or do you mean the red that leaves go before they fall in autumn? I'm wondering about fireblight for both trees, (google for info) either that or honey fungus - have you any dead tree stumps or dead wood anywhere nearby in the garden or next door?

28 Aug, 2011

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