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can anyone tell me if the 'cone' shaped bulbs on a dahlia will flower or is it just the round shaped ones that will flower?



I do believe the cone shaped ones are spent flowers and should be snipped off to encourage more buds, its ironic im sure i saw monty mention this very subject on gardeners world last night. ;)

27 Aug, 2011


yes he did, its just i've got a lot of the cone shaped ones on mine and i'm sure they aren't spent flowers, i really shouldn't doubt monty but now i've got a second opinion... wheres the scissors. thanks windy

27 Aug, 2011


Flower buds on Dahlias are round or slightly flattened, satiny looking, and with a "crown" of bracts between the stem and the bud. They usually face downward at an angle until they are almost ready to open.,1283373014,1/stock-photo-yellow-dahlia-flower-and-bud-against-a-blue-sky-with-clouds-background-60190393.jpg

The seed heads also have the crown, and face downward, but the thicker bracts form a cone, shaped almost like a peperoncini:


27 Aug, 2011


thanks again

27 Aug, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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