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Has anybody seen a lock for an aluminium framed greenhouse somebody tried braking into our shed last night but the dog disturbed them I have some valuable bulbs in there and could do with locking it



What's the point, Steve, the glass is so easily removed. You could drill a hole in the side of the door and in the adjacent frame and thread a padlock through it I suppose. The door of our bulbhouse is usually open for ventilation 24/7 anyway, weather permitting.

28 Aug, 2011


you said it was your shed that was targeted? they probably thought there was valuables in there,whereas your greenhouse to them had no saleable items?

28 Aug, 2011


Good points BH/Kev this is the first time around our crescent this has happened on reflection these people would not have a clue what these bulbs are and how much they are worth anyway Joey our new dog is really good at doing is barking job.

28 Aug, 2011

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