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what are these? a weed or primula they are supposed to be primula beesania or candelabra type but i think we have grown a noxious weed instead are very small and very dark purple and all the same almost black and the flower stem is very square

Dscn8112 Dscn8104



Not a primula but a Brittish wild flower, weed if you must. Wish I could remember it's name :-( but not uncommon.

28 Aug, 2011


thanks i guessed it was....... i blame the wife she grew it now ive got to get rid of it !!!

28 Aug, 2011


That's life! And I still can't remember it's name. I was sure that someone would have reminded me by now.

28 Aug, 2011


Figwort - AKA Scrophularia nodosa. A wildflower that likes damp places, but will make do with others.

29 Aug, 2011


thank you

10 Sep, 2011

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