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Can someone please help me identify these two plants, I have recently moved and have managed (with the help of the web and some books) to identify all the other plants I have inherited except these two.
Here is the first one.
Many thanks

Dsc01654 Dsc01655 Dsc01656



That's Leycesteria formosa, also known as 'Pheasant Berry'.

28 Aug, 2011


Hi Spritzhenry,
Many thanks for your prompt reply.
That is a lovely dog on your avatar.

28 Aug, 2011


Thanks - his name is 'Henry' and he is a lovely boy.

You're welcome, by the way. :-)

28 Aug, 2011


He certainly looks like a lovely boy, I have a chocolate labrador called Poppy. We used to have a yellow lab called Goldie, we were determined we were not going to call her that, but it really suited her. :)

28 Aug, 2011


Aren't Labs wonderful - he's so good natured. :-)

Why not 'Goldie' - it's a good name, and Henry's girlfriend is called Poppy' - but she's a golden retriever.

28 Aug, 2011


I agree Labs are wonderful, I think we were determined not to name her Goldie because of the Blue Peter dog, we said we'd try to think of something original, but Goldie was just perfect, she was adorable, as it Poppy, but very much like Marley from Marley and Me, very destructive when she was a pup, but really placid and good natured, she grew out of her destructive stage after eating shoes, fences, doors etc etc :)
Thankfully Poppy wasn't so keen on eating shoes etc!

28 Aug, 2011


Henry ate the plaster off the wall when he was tiny. He wasn't ever very destructive, though - luckily!

Like all Labs, he loves his food, which includes all sorts of strange things I'm sure you know about! He goes selectively deaf too in the middle of a field with delicious cowpats in it. Eeeuuughhh!!

29 Aug, 2011

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