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wouldnt it be nice to swop bulbs with people from different countries



It is a lovely idea but there are strick rules to prevent the import of pests and diseases. This is a major problem that will only get worse if we are not careful. Gogi berry plants were an example of this on gardeners world in the summer. Joe Swift had to dig his up and burn them.

20 Feb, 2009


Of course between EU countries there are no restrictions. But trying to get plants in or out of Australia without a licence is a hanging offence. Lol.

20 Feb, 2009


Nice idea, but it holds all sorts of problems, not just being hanged in Australia! Think of the Japanese Knotweed problem - it was brought to Britain by a Victorian botanist and it then rampaged over everything killing off other plants along the way and is still being fought today. Spanish bluebells are gradually overtaking and killing off the more delicate natural British bluebell. Nice idea but not worth the risk!

21 Feb, 2009

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