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overwintering - i have about 30 young plants grown from seed earlier in the summer and all are doing well. They are honesty, penstimons, aquilgeas and wallflower. I'm unsure how to look after them overwinter. Should i plant them out and hope they survive or keep them under cover? I have a cold frame and greenhouse, both are unheated, or i can use the conservatory but there would be fluctuations in temperature in there, ranging from freezing to hot depending on whether we are in their at the time with the fire on. I would really appreciate some help as i dont want to lose them. thanks



It depends on just how large they are. If they are decent sized plants, then they will do best planted out in the garden. If still on the small side then the main objective will be to protect them from winter wet. I have devised a lot of covers that I attach to a fence with the plants sheltering beneath them. No sides and they are sitting on gravel. A cold frame or unheated greenhouse will do but don't shut them down tight, the plants need plenty of ventillation. They will need watering occaisionally but not too often and not too much - definitely not if a freezing spell is forcast.

29 Aug, 2011


Tough as old boots ..The penstemon can be a bit mard bung that one in the greenhouse.

29 Aug, 2011


The wallflower should really have been sown outside, so that you could plant them in their flowering position in october, if you have them inside, you will need to harden them off before you plant them out, but they can still be
planted in october for flowering next spring. derekm

29 Aug, 2011


thanks for your help everyone.

30 Aug, 2011

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