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Please can you help me identify this plant/shrub ?

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

As you were all so helpful earlier, I was wondering if anyone can identify the plant/shrub in the attached pic. We have several of them at work and I would love to get one for my garden.




Its a euphorbia, not sure but maybe euphorbia characias.

30 Aug, 2011


They don't come in 'ones' but 'garden fulls'. Be careful before you introduce it to your garden.

30 Aug, 2011


Thanks to you both, maybe I will give it a miss then.

30 Aug, 2011


Agree with Dgw, euphorbia characias wulfenii, seeds very easy, be aware all parts of the plant are toxic, the sap is like milk and can cause irritation to the skin, once the flowered stems have finished then cut only these back by doing so you will notice shoots coming through which will carry next years blooms the flowers are actually bracts, ethier collect some seed and be patient or dig a smallish clump up, can be a little temperamental trying to get a big clump to take, make kids aware of the sap though.

30 Aug, 2011


I have loads of this in a shaded area at the bottom of the garden..(planted when we bought the house)... I dont actually find it very pretty or colourful...and it is really bushy and overbearing. didnt know it was toxic, and I am taking it up - putting crocosmia in its place!

30 Aug, 2011


I think its lovely in the springtime, in the right place, and mine looked nice with blue aquilegas nearby. But it suddenly turned up its toes and died.

30 Aug, 2011


It is also toxic to fish. I've known people lose their pond stock because it self-seeded nearby and they thought it looked nice.

If you're working with it be very careful not to get the sap in your eyes. A man once told me he was blind for four days after removing a large patch when he didn't know what it was.

31 Aug, 2011

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