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my cordyline is growing over the path when is the right time to move it into a pot?

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I believe it is a cordyline torbay red

On plant Cordyline australis



Hi Shedevil welcome to GOY.

Someone else asking about Cordylines. Lol. Spring must be coming. My own advice is not to pot it but to move it to somewhere more convenient in the garden. 2 reasons:

Although the Torbay red is slow growing and is thus considered good for containers, it actually develops into a small tree and eventually becomes too big for pots. It would be a shame to have to throw it out just as it becomes most impressive, and very large Cordies don't transplant back to the border very easily, or for that matter from border to pot. It would probably die.

Reason 2. Red Cordies are not as hardy as the green ones and potting it up does make it more prone to frost damage if (when) we get another bad winter. People will argue that you can fleece the pot but it is not as safe as in the ground. I have 4 red Cordies (2 Red star, 1 Red dazzler and 1 Torbay red) which have been in the border for a couple of years and didn't fleece them at all this winter. They are fine.

If you do decide to pot it up though, then now is a pretty good time into as large a pot as you can manage.


22 Feb, 2009

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