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I have a 6ft high laurel (not sure what type, certainly not English - they currently have small black berries in places) that I want to move (front garden to back).

Will it survive a move?
Are there any precautions I need to take?



It may do, but you need to dig as much of the rootball as possible. once in the new hoe make sure the hole is well dug and the soil enriched with bonemeal/ compost. water the plant well for at least a month. My only concern is the size of the plant, I'd probably reduce the plant by 1/2 to reduce stress and water loss from the leaves.

see what others suggest about pruning it.

31 Aug, 2011


I think I would do the same, Seaburngirl, because the stress of moving it would be lessened with a lot less foliage. It will soon grow again, so long as the move is successful, Jaylinds.

31 Aug, 2011


Thank you both for your advice.

7 Sep, 2011

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