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Hi,I recieved a lovely plant as a gift,it's in a 2.ltr pot and it is a climber.The plant is named as a British Dipladenia.Should i transfer to a larger pot and leave outside in the garden? Doe it have another name i could look for? regards May



These are beautiful plants which grow perfectly in warmer climes but are impossible to overwinter in gardens in the uk. Perhaps you have a conservatory? They are also known as Mandevilla or Sundeville (spelling?).

Mandevilla or Sundeville

31 Aug, 2011


May, I have already answered your earlier question on this - it is called Dipladenia - Google it for info to make sure its your plant, there are pics on line. There is confusion between Mandevilla and Dipladenia, and often sellers use the name interchangeably, but they are different plants - Mandevilla is very much a climber, whereas Dipladenia has a busher growth habit.

31 Aug, 2011


We have one in our conservatory,Ossie, and it's very happy so long as I give it a feed every so often and keep it well watered. It's just beginning to flower now, much to our delight. You can keep it as a bush, I have read, by cutting off the long, twining stems, but mine is travelling right along the top of the walls, as I have a string for it to twiddle round. I'm looking forward to seeing how far it can travel!! Annie

31 Aug, 2011


Love to see a picture of it in full bloom Annie.

4 Sep, 2011

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