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Tree Lilies from Thompson-Morgan. I wanted to buy some bulbs but the reviews of the company are awful. Where else do you get them?

On plant Lilium



I have lots of stuff from T/M and never had any problems these will be bulbs so they shoul be fine

31 Aug, 2011


Good....thanks Steve.

31 Aug, 2011


I agree with Steve, but if you want to check out others try

31 Aug, 2011


I've not had any problem with T/M. they do however send out tiny plants (I've not had any die though). I'd try them and see!

1 Sep, 2011


Tree Lillies take 2 years to reach 6ft. You are therefore at the mercy of the weather not to kill them off before you get the full effect and maximum flowers. For that reason I did not buy them, though tempted.

1 Sep, 2011


I agree with Donna I have had lots from TM, all do ok but perennials/annuals are small on arrival.

1 Sep, 2011


I should be OK with bulbs then.

1 Sep, 2011


I forgot to say I have had 550 bulbs from them in the last 2 years (400 free ones) all of them have been good Linda.

1 Sep, 2011


Well, I was in Morrisons this evening and they had Oriental Lilies. They were quite big and only £3.00 each. I think I am in a Lily phase!!! :o\

1 Sep, 2011


Me too Linda I have really come to love them.

2 Sep, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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