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Is this an Astilbe. If so which one? It has a more rounded leaf. Thanks. :o))

On plant Astilbe???




I would say that it is an astilbe and I bet someone can give it's full name!

31 Aug, 2011


It's astilbe, but I can't name it either, Linda! Annie

31 Aug, 2011


Definitely an astilbe but on googling there are literally dozens of very similar looking named varieties of pink astilbe so I don't think you're likely to get a definitive answer on the specific variety

31 Aug, 2011


That's what I found Anchorman when I googled it. I shall just have to keep it simple...thanks. My friend bought it for me at a plant sale with no name. I would have asked, but I am grateful for a new plant!!
At least I can call it an Astilbe. It has rounded leaves not the usual pointed. Thanks Bulbaholic and Anne.

31 Aug, 2011


Try Astilbe Chinensis..var.Pumila..Linda.Looks similar to one I recently bought,and Terratoonie has one on her photo's..7th August ..mine is only just getting a flower spike on it,so unable to show you..hope this helps..

1 Sep, 2011


That sounds very familiar to me Bloomer. I used to grow 100's a year some years ago and Linda's astilbe does remind me of those I used to grow

1 Sep, 2011


I was going by the leaf,Anchorman..and with mine being a new one,it sort of rang a bell..I am no expert on Astilbes at all..but it would be nice for Linda,if it was..

1 Sep, 2011


I've googled it Bloomer and I am sure you are correct. Isn't it wonderful to be able to tap into such a wide range of knowledge? Thanks everyone. :o))))

1 Sep, 2011


That's good,Linda..and I agree,it's great..I am looking forward to my first flower on mine .:o)

2 Sep, 2011

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