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just joined - another question about sweet peas. My very favourite but I have to buy plants in spring as no facilities to grow seeds. Were can I get special plants - for perfume mainly- rather than just getting a tangled pack from the garden centre, which are mostly pink



Sweet peas are very easily grown from seed in a small pot on the windowsill - they really don't need any special treatment.
Failing that, avoid garden centres and try the small family run nurseries in the area.

31 Aug, 2011


A dozen bricks and a sheet of glass and you've got a mini greenhouse its worked for me before or as meanie says in a pot on a windowsill, you can sow direct if the conditions are right......There are two featured websites on here that i know of that sell loads & loads of scented sweetpea (crocus/suttons) proberbly all of them, just click on 'S' on the A-Z at the bottom of this page and bobs ya uncle ;-)

1 Sep, 2011

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