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how do i take cuttings from a rose bush



I took some cuttings in June which have taken, you find a none flowing stem which is still a bit soft and pliable and as long as you can get it without it been woody, cut into 4" to 6" cuttings just below a node, leave some leaves on at least one stem. I dipped mine into root powder, then I put them into largish flower pots with just normal compost watered them put a clear plastic bag over them and within two weeks they had taken.I did put them into my conservatory, I don't know if this a conventional way of doing cuttings, worked for me, I have also just taken some about two weeks ago with one rose it worked and I am still waiting for the other, to show signs of new growth.

I would take them as soon as poss, if they don't work this year you could do it next season.I should tell you I only started really gardening this year.

Good luck

1 Sep, 2011


The more usual method,you could try either,is to take longer sturdy stems,about 12 " long,and plant them about a third of the stem into the ground,in a shady,sheltered place,where they won't be disturbed..Leave them there,for about a year,to give them chance to start making a decent root should see some leaf growth by then too.You can then plant them in your chosen postion.I have four new Roses now,all strong and healthy..It isn't a 'quick fix' job,but well worth just need time and.patience .

2 Sep, 2011

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