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Help Please - clematis dying


By Cathyt

United Kingdom Gb

Help Please. I have 4 Clematis Plants - all different varieties and different ages - they will not flower and the leaves are withering and dying on all of them. I realise it is the end of the season but they have done nothing all year. They are all grown in pots around my garden (growing up trellis) - I have re-potted and fed them with baby bio. One of them was a present for my ruby wedding this year and I hate the thought of it dying. Thank you.



The most likely explanation is the pots simply aren't big enough - some of the smaller varieties, such as The President, do quite well in pots, though they never reach their full potential in height and spread so contained. But they do need a pot that's a minimum of 2 feet deep and 12 inches wide, preferably more - the bigger the pot, the better the result.

1 Sep, 2011


Do you have space to plant them out? If so, I would do that, setting them a bit below the level they are at now and give them lots of water.
If they are summer flowering varieties, they can be cut back now as well. This will give them the best chance, I think.

1 Sep, 2011


I agree with the others....they are better in the ground! Make sure they get well watered- that is especially so if they are in containers.... Get digging now before worse weather sets in!!

1 Sep, 2011

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