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False Widow spider. Whilst pottering in the garden yesterday, a HUGE black spider fell off the bottom of a wooden planter I was emptying, the body was like a black shiny marble, HUGE! It made me jump - unfortunately the wooden planter fell on the spider and ......erm....squished it.....sorry spider! Does anyone else think this could be a False Widow or another breed....I really don't like spiders, but this 'killing' was purely accidental, I normally just leave them to wander off and hide. It all happened so quicky that I didn't get much opportunity to take a better look, and once squished there wasn't much left to identify.

On plant False Widow spider



not sure whatkind of spider but would be happy to attend that spiders funeral I despise spiders.We have huge ones in n.b. canada and I see one I hunt it down like a bounty hunter.Sorry I cannot help you out but I do know black widow spiders have a white spot on there backs

23 Feb, 2009


You shouldn't get a Black Widow in this country, but I have heard that more spiders from warmer climates are making their way over here and surviving not dying. There is a Tunnel web (not to be confused with the Funnel Web), a black spider with short back legs and the 2 front ones are really long. They make a web in the shape of a tunnel and stay in there most of the time, they do have a nasty sting, but it shouldn't do too much harm. The False Widow has some pale markings on the top, and there is a creamy coloured band all round the front. They do have a bite which feels like a bee sting, but with both these spiders you would have to really wind them up to get bitten. I used to hate spiders, but since taking up gardening and having a 4 year old who is fascinated I have learned to love them. It is a pity that some people find pleasure in 'hunting them down and killing them!' They eat all sorts of garden bugs and parasites and are welcome in my garden anytime.

23 Feb, 2009


try looking at the fsc [field study council's] excellent british spider drawings to help identify what is what. i couldnt find one called a false black widow in this country. There are a group called crab spiders with huge 6-7mm abdomens.

23 Feb, 2009


Type the names of your spiders into Google and look on images, you will find some great photos on there

23 Feb, 2009


Hi Andrearichter - I did Google it yesterday and again today, and I'm pretty sure it as a Widow. The black marble sized, shiny body and total blackness made me jump. I'd never seen anything like it in the garden before. I also read that the False Widow is prevalent in the south of England - Devon way, and we're not too far from there - they could easily spread to Dorset.....arghhhh, move me to Scotland quickly! As I said, I normally just leave spiders to wander off and 'do their thing' but this one made me jump, I dropped the wooden planter and - ooooops, squished spidy with it! The Funeral has already taken place and he/she is now at rest in the garden - (squished on the lawn). R.I.P Spidy.

23 Feb, 2009


Ahh, Green, it won't hurt you, only if you really hassle it and it sounds like you aren't the sort of person to hang around when you see one, bless

23 Feb, 2009


Fingers....we have black widows here...They are very shiney black and very round in the body. They do look like little black marbles. On their underbelly they have a red hourglass shaped least the females do but the males don't. They are very shy and hang out in dark quiet corners...very rarely inside. They have very messy looking webs...kind of like threads going every which way in a corner somewhere.. up high, down low....wherever. The biggest one I have ever seen here was about 3/4 inch diameter body (not including the legs). Most are smaller than that. They are very elegant looking.
I wear gloves when I'm cleaning out the greenhouse or shed or carport as most likely I'll end up disturbing them. You only get bitten if you accidently stick you fingers under or around something and scare one.

24 Feb, 2009

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