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Blackspot infestation on Peace Rose - any solutions / advice?.
I have a much loved Peace Rose (which I've had for 11 years) which, while always susceptible to the odd bit, now seem to be under attack from blackspot. Pretty much every leaf is affected. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it (I don't want to use sprays if I can help it as I don't want to harm any insects)? I've been picking off the affected leaves and throwing them in the bin but it's just getting worse and the poor thing will have no leaves left if I keep going. Is it just unsightly or do I need to get rid of it. I'd hate to lose the rose. Wasn't sure if a good hard prune would help.



Pruning to keep the bush as open as possible does help, and all infected leaf material should be cleared from beneath and around the bush as soon as possible. The time to prune this one is end of February though when you can see where the new growth buds might be and what's died back over winter and what hasn't. However, frankly, unless you're prepared to spray with a decent systemic fungicide every fortnight from April till September, you will continue to have a problem. Black spot is ever present, and control rather than eradication is the only way to handle it.

1 Sep, 2011


Thanks Bamboo for your help. I'll do a clear up now and be poised to prune in February.

2 Sep, 2011

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