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Holey Pelargonium


By Lily2

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Something is having a feast on this pelargonium which lives in a pot in my open porch. Please can anyone tell me what it is and how to deal with it?




slugs,snails? check the undersides of leaves for caterpillers

2 Sep, 2011


It'll be small green caterpillars, Lily, and you need to look very carefully under ALL the leaves and down the stems as well, as they're very well camouflaged! I had the same thing on one or two of mine last year. If it's slugs, you'd see the silvery trails on the leaves. Give them a spray with a systemic insecticide, but better still find the little blighters and stamp on them, then you won't kill other insects with the spray. Annie

2 Sep, 2011


Many thanks for your replies Kev and Annie. I had already discounted slugs or snails as slug pellets produced no results. I couldn't find any caterpillars but it was very hard to check everywhere properly so I've given it a spray as you suggest. Tomorrow I'll remove the holey leaves and hopefully I won't get any more! Thanks again.

3 Sep, 2011

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