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could you tell me plesae what to do with these plants through winter... do I cut them right down and just leave them in their pots to grow and flower again next year? thankyou

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The Osteo - do you know its name? If it's O. jucundum, then it's hardy. Can you plant it out if it is that one? Otherwise, take cuttings. The Coreopsis isn't reliably hardy, unfortunately, but might survive under glass. I haven't tried cuttings from one, but it should be possible.

3 Sep, 2011


Yes it is o.jucundum...could I leave it in the pot over winter and plant it out next year and could I divide it to make more?

3 Sep, 2011


I propagate mine by finding rooted pieces and potting them up - not really dividing it. They soon make lots of root growth. Worth doing anyway, as a precaution. :-/

If you leave it in its pot, then make sure you wrap bubble wrap round the pot, not the plant, as the roots might freeze.

In the ground, it creeps along and makes a 'mat'.

3 Sep, 2011


brill info yet again..thankyou!

3 Sep, 2011



3 Sep, 2011


sorry thought of another if I take rooted pieces you mean lift the whole plant out and take what I need then disguard it or pick around it looking for rooted pieces?? If I do leave it in the pot over winter do I need to cut it back or leave it as it is? I hope you can understand this lol:)

4 Sep, 2011


Yes, pick around and look carefully for the pieces you can pull out/off. Pull a piece out gently and if there are any roots at all, pot it up. It should be without buds if possible. If you accidentally get a non-root piece, then use it as a cutting.

You don't need to cut it back at all for the winter. Just keep dead-heading and it'll produce flowers for a while yet.

4 Sep, 2011


Good it's just that it has been so lovely and colouful through the summer I didn't want to lose it :) thanks

4 Sep, 2011


You're welcome. Does it get really cold where you live? Cuttings and a spare potful would be a good idea as a back-up plan.

Mine were absolutely fine last winter, but other people did have frost damage on theirs.

4 Sep, 2011

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