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I have a Pachira aquatica plant which lost all its leaves as a result of our cold winter. After pruning it back in spring It has formed lots of new buds but these havent grown hardly at all. Last year we had the same problem but once pruned back it re-budded and was up to the ceiling of our conservatory again. We did give it a dose of strong fertiliser in the early summer.

We are thinking of washing the roots and re-potting it but cant remember what soil mix to use.

Please help. Any advice gratefully received.




It would be best to give it dilute amounts of fertiliser every few weeks and not just one large dose as it may scorch the roots. If you want to repot it, I would scrape the top inch of compost away and repot into a suitable size of pot (not too large or it will just sulk in the vast excess of un-root-filled compost) with a sandy mixture. It seems to be stressed enough so I wouldn't wash the roots as this will disturb it even more.

6 Sep, 2011

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