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1. Silly question ... Why isn't Fuchsia pronounced Fooksia?
2. Real question ... Fuchsia cuttings.
A) Softwood or 1/2 ripe?
B) Cut @ node or torn @ a heel?



it is a german name and technically is fuk sea a, [so i am told] but the name has been 'softened'. I wonder why???
I take soft cuttings usually in spring from the new growth. I cut just below a node, remove the lower leaves and place in gritty compost, with gentle bottom heat. Never tried from woody stems but I dont see why a heeled cutting might not work.
wait and see if others offer alternative suggestions :)

3 Sep, 2011


Cheers lass. I'm going to have a go with this idea as well as the usual.

3 Sep, 2011


First question - haha! I don't suppose Herr Fuchs will mind as he is long dead.
I have never seen heel cuttings suggested. Any fuchsias are slower to root at this time of year, but simply putting a softwood one in water is often successful - I have some on the go at the moment. Be interesting to see if a hardwood on will grow but don't hold your breath. Let us know.

3 Sep, 2011


That's a bit naughty, haven't "they" got a Welsh flag?

3 Sep, 2011


Sorry Brian, you've lost me? Haven't who got a Welsh flag?

:(( (pulls stupid face...)

3 Sep, 2011


When I hover over a commenter's photo it gives info:- Date joined, rough location and a flag. Mine says

"Joined 21 Jun, 2009
Union flag

In your case I expected a Welsh flag, I wonder if the Scots also get a Union Flag, rather than the Saltyre.


3 Sep, 2011


There is a welsh flag....a few members have it and yes we have the Saltire :)

4 Sep, 2011


i cant imagine why the f%£k they softend the name seaburngirl lol x .

4 Sep, 2011


Naughty Nosey - but I did laugh.

5 Sep, 2011


Naughtyish i didnt swear and i cpuldnt help myself lol .

5 Sep, 2011


Nice to see you had some self control Nosey :))))

5 Sep, 2011


apserlutly scottish lol x

6 Sep, 2011


I wouldn't use the Welsh flag Brainnake, because I am English, as the Welsh keep reminding me!

Glad to see you back Nosey - missed you.

10 Sep, 2011


thanx steragram x .

11 Sep, 2011

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