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By Avison

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone tell me what this is-it just grew in my garden




It looks like a Datura, or other name is Brugmansia.
Google it and you'll get numerous images and information about it.

3 Sep, 2011


Yes, it's an annual weed called Datura stramonium or Thornapple. Toxic in all parts as all Daturas are.

3 Sep, 2011


I kind of like it, then I also like someone else's garden though :-)

3 Sep, 2011


Pimpernel - if you want I should be able to send you some seeds for D.metel.............

and possibly D.wrightii............

Louise - Datura and Brugmansia are separate species, although they are the only two members of the Datureae tribe, which is a part of the Solanaceae family.
As a rule of thumb, Brugs are taller growing with pendant flowers, whilst the Datura typically grows up to about a metre and has flowers that point upwards. The blooms of both are pleasantly fragrant.

3 Sep, 2011


Thanks Meanie :-)

3 Sep, 2011


Louise = I was worried that I may have been a little too "preachy", as I am a little evangelical about Datura........
The great advantage in my eyes of Datura over Brugmansia is that it is a viable and reliable annual which I grow from seed sown in January/February.

3 Sep, 2011


Meanie, not at all !
It's good to learn :-)

8 Sep, 2011


If you ever want to try one PM me - I should have plenty of seeds, unless we get a really early frost.

9 Sep, 2011

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