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Plants for a raised bed in med shade under tree?

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I have a very small garden with raised beds. Our neighbour has allowed a largf tree to grow in the far corner right next to our garden. I have tried many plants but they don't thrive. At the moment we have put in a mexicsn orange but it is stunted and unhappy looking. In other parts of the garden the mexican orange has done well.
Any ideas? Would a small japanese Acer do better?



ferns would do well i believe acers like it shelterd but quite sunny

24 Feb, 2009


Hostas, Bergenia, Geranium pheum (several colours), Geranium macrorrhizum, Hellebores. Definitely ferns - they'd be happy with all the rest on the list!

24 Feb, 2009


Take Spritz suggestions then add cyclamen and spring bulbs (especially if a decidous tree).

24 Feb, 2009


hello runnerbean,
i grow most of my stuff in mid to deep shade [150yr old beech tree] and have something of interest all year round. this is a suggestion of what works for me in addition to what has already been mentioned. select what you like in no particular order: pulmonaria, pachysandra, tellima grandiflora, tiarella, heuchera the dark foliage ones, fuchsia, aconitum for height, phygelius, lamium/dead nettles, ajuga many different foliage forms too, astrantia, martagon lilies, tiger lilies, erythronium [pagoda lilies] chinese lanterns, bizzy lizzies, begonia sempervians
anenome japonica but this can be a thug. epimedium, dicentra spectabalis & alba.
if you want more I can give more but this will get you started. good luck


24 Feb, 2009


thats that sorted i do believe

24 Feb, 2009

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