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i make garden compost my question is now the roses are going over there is a lot of blotchy leaves falling are they alright to go into the compost maker or best got rid of sonia



If the leaves are blotchy best to put in your green bin for the council to compost rather than in your own compost which wont get so hot.

4 Sep, 2011


Agree with moongrowe, the fallen leaves are probably down to Blackspot so avoid composting them.

4 Sep, 2011


thankyou for your your answer the roses have been free of any disease for the summer i have looked after them realy well mabe it is what they do when they die down however i will send them to the dump i do not have a green bin i think it is a rip off sonia

5 Sep, 2011


Do you not have to recycle your compostable waste, paper etc? Perhaps you have a 'brown bin' to send stuff to the recycling in or several boxes.

5 Sep, 2011

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