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I was in Italy recently and I was tending some pots on the patio at my son's apartment. Previously I had planted ivy geraniums and they did not appear to be doing very well. I felt that the pots were waterlogged and I turned out the soil and discovered almost 10 horrible fat black bugs inside. They were around 1 inch long. Any ideas what they might be? Wish I had taken a photo.



weevil probably.

4 Sep, 2011


Did the pots not have drainage holes?

4 Sep, 2011


Thanks for your comments, Pimpernel and Meanie.
Yes, the pots had drainage holes but the temperature was 38 degrees and this particular pot didn't seem to dry out!
So you reckon weevil - I thought they were white, don't ask me why?

6 Sep, 2011

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