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Orange Honeysuckle

Muncie, Indiana, United States Us

I've been told this is a vine and/or a shrub.... Should I grow it on a fence, trellis, tree? Any ideas? The possible tree candidates would either be a 20 ft tall crabapple or a huuuuge ash tree...

On plant Lonicera ciliosa



I have tried to track this plant down for you but it's not in my RHS book or on their website, I'm afraid. Maybe another member has one in their garden? My Honeysuckles (various) are all growing happily on trellises, if that's any help. I find that their stems get so strong that they get very tangled in trees, and I can't get them free very easily if I need to.

31 Mar, 2008


Sorry been busy with blogs work pond etc not too familiar with latin name but have an evergreen honeysuckle with orange flowers new variety recent introduction.Could this be what you referring to?
Has large glossy leaves much larger than other honeysuckles so like Spritz wouldnt recommend through trees as will eventually choke and dominate. Lonicera genus can be confusing as lonicera shrubs commonly used for hedging and bear little relation to honeysuckles.If it flowers then very unlikely to be shrub variety.

8 Apr, 2008


We have a wild orange honeysuckle vine climbing a shrub in a scrubby/woodsy area on our property. It seems to be thriving.

21 May, 2009

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