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I have some spring bulbs I would like to plant but my garden is still full of flowers and plants, how can I plant the bulbs without disturbing the roots of the plants I already have in my garden? novice gardener



There is still time to plant bulbs, so you might get more space when the flowers you have die back, especially if they were annuals, that is, if they only last a season, because they could be removed when they die back.

6 Sep, 2011


Best to put off planting Tulips till November. The rest can go in from now, I put mine in the gaps but not up close to the plants as they too need room to grow. If you have annuals they can be removed and bulbs then planted.

6 Sep, 2011


Most spring bulbs will be fine if planted end of September early October. Daffodils (narcissus) really prefer to be in the ground by end of August though, and Tulips, as already said, do better if left till end of October or November for planting.

6 Sep, 2011


Or, plant them into pots in groups of 5 or 7 and then plant the whole potload out later on, into the spaces.

6 Sep, 2011


Thank you so much for you wise advice I will take everything on board and so as you'all say. So glad I joined this website!

7 Sep, 2011

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