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Aphids on Ivy


By Ukslim

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a resilient ivy growing inside my conservatory, It survives just fine, but it's a haven for aphids/greenfly (not sure which), which leave a black deposit on the leaves, and spread to any other plants I place in the conservatory.

How can I control them? Since it's an enclosed space, I'm particularly keen to avoid chemical pesticides.

On plant Hedera helix (English ivy)



Try spraying it with a mild soapy solution using the stuff for intended for washing dishes.

6 Feb, 2007


Thanks. I have done that and it works temporarily. I suppose it's just a matter of working harder :)

7 Feb, 2007


Hi UKSlim, to keep aphids away you'll have to wash the plant regularly. Keep an eye on it for a while next time you wash it to see when they return. You'll need to find a balance between how often you want to wash it and how aphid-free you want to keep it.

8 Feb, 2007



Spraying with soapy water works for me. But you have to treat the undersides of the leaves too, which is a bit of a pain with a large plant. Maybe you could try brushing the leaves up the wrong way with a stick while spraying at the same time? Just a thought .... :-)

26 Feb, 2008


Cooler temps help keep the reproductive population at bay, while some of the more hands on can finisk the task. I've also been told something about the Neem(sp) tree being effective, but I'm not sure.

11 Dec, 2008

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