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Calling All Propagators!

Hi Guys, are any of you guys propagating plants and do you regularly propagate?

I need a propagation buddy!




what are you trying to propagate i've a book which tell which method to use

6 Sep, 2011


I have too, Pam.

Learnergrower, a lot of us propagate plants - try a blog on the subject and tell us which plants you're trying. You should get some responses from members. :-)

6 Sep, 2011


I propagate lots so as the others have said which plants are you trying to do?

6 Sep, 2011


To get you started, you could try some hard wood cuttings, try doing Ribes the flowering current, so so easy to take likewise with salix[willow], or cornus[dogwood] take pencil thick cuttings aprox 12 inches push them into the ground and leave to get going and in a years time lift and plant in your prefered choice, cornus is very easy to layer, if you experiment with willow then dont plant to close to your house due to their rot systems, try basal cuttings heres a good one to get you going, try sedum spectable, in the spring, break one of the small shoots and pot up try a few they always grow, try putting a leaf of sedum into some compost works really well,i break the rules when it comes to propagation and will try cuttings, layerings etc at most times of the year, any advice on this subject just ask.

6 Sep, 2011


Thats great guys, Thanks. I have not looked at the blogs yet but will do soon.

I had wanted to try Buxus as I would like to use alot more in my garden. Any of you guys had much sucess with this. I assume it is softwood cutting in the spring?


6 Sep, 2011


Buxus, very easy, now when i say breaking the rules then this one applys, took quite a few cuttings of Buxus over in France, in jan 09 just stuck them in the ground out of direct sun, went through temps down to -20 on a regular basis, lifted them this spring and brought them over here, all survived and are potted up.

6 Sep, 2011


Thanks Julien,

Would it be a waste of time sticking a few Buxus cuttings in the ground now?

7 Sep, 2011


Why not give it a go?

7 Sep, 2011


Yes give it a try, but put them in the shade, and be patient, do quite a few, next april /may lift one of them to see if rooting has begun, if so you will notice short stiff white rootlets, let them root a little longer and then pot up and nurture them.

8 Sep, 2011


Cheers guys

I will stick in a few now and again in the spring


9 Sep, 2011

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