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Avocado. I have a healthy happy 2 foot one in big pot grown from stone. It's under the clear perspex car-port roof. But what to do with it in winter? It's a temperate/tropical climate plant isn't it so guess it won't survive in the ground through an English winter. Do you think it will survive under the car-port roof all winter? It gets sun there in the morning, if there is any. (But last winter killed my bouganvillia that had survived the previous winter under car-port). Any chance of my actually getting any avocado to eat!??? Should I plant it into bigger pot?
Thank you anyone who can help me with these questions! Pam in Dorset



Needs to come inside for winter, won't tolerate temperatures below 7 deg C. Unlikely you'll ever get fruit from it here, our climate's not right for that.

6 Sep, 2011


Most Avocadoes need to be at least 15 feet tall and wide to produce fruit--hard to manage outside of the conservatory at Kew!

7 Sep, 2011

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