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Is there any way one can stop badger damage to a lawn?



We've had the same trouble, Stericker. We tried everything including an electric fence. In the end, we've targetted the reason they come in - which appears to be chafer grubs in the lawn. We watered on Nematodes recently and are hoping that killing them will stop the badgers tearing up the lawn into a ploughed field.

There's still time to do it if that's your problem. We bought our packs on-line.

7 Sep, 2011


Please let us know if this works, Spritz!

7 Sep, 2011


Of course I will - but we won't know until the spring when the badgers normally start digging. Fingers crossed - for our huge expanses of lawn, it cost us quite a lot. It'll be worth every penny if it stops the 'ploughed field' look, though. It wasn't just badgers this year, either - we had a lot of rooks digging, as well. Unbelievable! :-O

7 Sep, 2011


Any chance of photos of the badgers..sorry if they cause damage..In 60 years Ive only seen 2 dead ones.

7 Sep, 2011


No, sorry - they visit us in the wee small hours, and although I've tried, I've never caught them digging. We often see dead ones around here. There must be a lot of them, as we're very rural. We did see one crossing the lane at around midnight when we came home from a weekend away a few months ago.

I pass at least half a dozen setts on a track to the coast when I walk the dog that way!

8 Sep, 2011


I used to get very excited if I saw one, but now I think - Just you keep out of my garden!

10 Sep, 2011

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