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wood preservative


By Fixit

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Does anyone know of a safe wood preservative to use on a timber constructed raised bed. Timber yard supply pre-treated but is this safe to use on the soil?



personaly i find wood just eventualy rots if you put wood next to dirt.i would use any preservative you can bye of the will help its pretreated.the main thing is i would put concrete footings in maybe use some heavy breeze blocks on there side just above soil level then put the wood on that.if you can get old railway sleepers they`ve got so much train oil in them they hardley ever rot.scaffold boards are also very forgiving but will need treating.this mite sound a lot but its going to be better than in 5-10 years the bottem rots out of your established bead.i hope that helped bye for now

27 Feb, 2009


hi fixit,
pressure treated wood is fine to use for raised beds, and will outlast ordinary wood which you treat yourself.
one of my first raised beds , which is 5 years old , has rotted away at one end, this was 10x2 inch and untreated. i then used a safe preservative , so i think next year i will renew with pressure treated planks.hope this helps....................steve

27 Feb, 2009


i would also actualy line the inside with polythene to

27 Feb, 2009


hi try a product called eco wood treatment on your raised beds its a non toxic wood preservative,and it also gives wood a nice silvery colour, we used it on our barn as well , great product

8 Apr, 2011

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