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This is a photo of a new area of ground I wish to plant up. Obviously it needs digging over, stone removal, poo added ..... but I need the expert advice of GoYers on short-ish plants that will enjoy being in all day sun. I have some Hemerocallis that will need splitting next year, and the sun aspect will be perfect for my varigated-leaved Iris, which I would place in the centre of the area. I longingly thought of some Heucheras ... too sunny? Or maybe some hardy Geraniums. Any advice would be welcome.




Heucheras do best in shade or semi shade so if you plant them there expect them to fade and to be less than prolific.
Tiarellas on the other hand would be a nice compromise.

Hardy geraniums are quite invasive unless you buy mound forming varieties and they'd soon take-over that little patch.

Something else .... plants in full sun, like that spot there, usually prefer a soil that's NOT rich - so don't add too much improver.

Santolina would be good there.
Sedum (various heights and forms, was thinking mid-taller ones there)
Verbena rigida.

If you site the iris in the centre though its rhizomes won't get the chance to bake because the other plants will be shading them. Their rhizomes need to be slightly above the soil and to be baked, so place it in the front of all the other plants - still central but infront.

9 Sep, 2011


I would plant a compact Lavender around the edges of the bed and use a contrasting colour of plants/flowers in the middle. Dianthus would be good for that.

Putting Lavender around the edge with box mixed around it also looks good and much more expensive than it really is.

9 Sep, 2011


I was going to suggest Lavender too.

9 Sep, 2011


Yes, I had thought of Lavender as I already have a small hedge of it along one side of the patio, but I wanted a small selection of other colourful plants as well - hopefully long flowering or with winter interest. :o)

9 Sep, 2011


As your roses seem to be doing well how about patio roses interplanted with violas and spring bulbs, with a border of winter heathers that you can clip after flowering?

9 Sep, 2011


Oh, just noticed you are in Spain - maybe not such a good idea after all.

9 Sep, 2011


That's my problem, Steragram! This region is all about growing veggies so flower gardens are few and far between. The locals usually only have wonderful balcony displays of pelargoniums or petunias and the weather that we get in buckets makes it difficult to grow anything delicate like violas. We're in the grip of 40 + temperatures and full on sun at the moment, but any day now there could be a storm with acorn-sized hailstones and hurricane winds!

10 Sep, 2011


Looks like lavender after all then. But your roses are lovely.

10 Sep, 2011


Thanks Stera.

11 Sep, 2011

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