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I have a number of box plants where the leaves have turned orange almost autumnal looking but not in a nice way - I don't think it's box blight because the stems are not stripped of leaves.... perhaps a deficiency in something. I have sprayed the leaves with diluted liqued seaweed and fed the roots with fish blood and bone but haven't seen any benefits yet..... grateful for any comments.



How long have you had the plants and are they in the ground or in pots?

9 Sep, 2011


Hi Bamboo - I've had the plants for about 3 years and some are in the ground in a woodland setting and some are in pots......

9 Sep, 2011


I read that the commonest causes of this are boxwood decline disease and too much sun. Since the latter isn't likely to be appropriate, I wondered about the former, but boxwood decline disease usually only affects plants over 20 years old. The other cause is worse - phytopthera and other fungal disease. Might be worth treating the plants with a fungicide to see if it helps, but if its phytopthera, that lives in the soil and attacks from the roots upwards usually.

9 Sep, 2011


Some of mine have gone a similar orange colour. I think it is due to lack of water and compacted soil that is causing it in mone. Am planning on fixing both in a few weeks time.

9 Sep, 2011


Thanks all - I'm now hoping that Kildermorie is right because the alternative sounds fatal! Lack of water and compacted soil would both apply because I have the box plants planted around the edge of a lawn so perhaps they are competing with the grass for water ... I have about 30 of them so the thought of having to water more regularly isn't pleasing but thanks for your comments.

9 Sep, 2011

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